2022 Midocean Catalogue Pages 351-400 - Flip PDF Download (2023)

WELLNESS & CARE 05 08 05 05 06 Gil KC6422 Karla MO8258 Minidoc MO7202 First aid kit. Includes 1 pair of scissors, 3 pad bandages, First aid kit. Includes 1 emergency blanket and tweezers, 1 roll of cotton, 2 cleaning tissues, 5 adhesive bandages, 10 cotton tips, 1 pair gloves, 2 wound pad, 1 adhesive tape Emergency first aid kit including scissors, a wet wipe, a 1 roll of tape and 6 cotton buds. Size10x6,5x3,7cm and triangular bandage, 4 adhesive bandages, alcohol prep gauze bandage, 3 cotton buds and 5 pcs adhesive bandages. PrinttechniquePad Printing pad, 1 short and long bandage. Presented in 230D pouch. All packed in a neon polyester pouch with carabiner. Size15x12x4cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD Size10x7x2cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,S,TD 23 05 22 23 06 05 Evan KC6949 Eva KC6423 Succor MO7963 Compact plastic container including 5 pcs First aid kit in EVA material. Includes 1 pair of scissors, First aid kit in tin box. Includes 1 pair of scissors, adhesive bandages. Size10x4x0,9cm 3 pad bandages, 1 triangular bandage, 1 roll of cotton, 1 adhesive tape, 1 set of cleaning wipes, 3 bandages PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,DO1,DL,PD 2 cleaning tissues, 5 adhesive bandages, 1 roll and 3 pins. Size9x6,5x2cm of tape and 6 cotton buds. Size13x10x4,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,PD PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,TD,S 349

Organizing our new homeMORE THAN GIFTS MO6495 › 373 MO6508 › 358 350

PREMIUMS & TOOLS Premiums & Tools ITEMS IDEAL TO ALWAYS HAVE TO HAND Undoubtedly this is the section with the most handy and functional items. Pocket-sized gifts that are always well received. From multi-tool sets, measuring tapes, spirit levels, flashlights or fun anti-stress items for when most needed. MO6335 › 365 351

MORE THAN GIFTS SOLAR GARDEN LIGHT This solar-powered mason jar hanging light is an ideal gift for all kinds of occasions. Powered by a high-power solar module, 20 white warm LED lights string inside and can be recharged repeatedly during the day. Solar pannel Pot Lamp MO6341 Solar mason jar outdoor lamp with 20 LED fairy string lights. Hanger on top. Approx. 5 hours working time. Battery 300 mAh NI-MH included. IP44. Size8x13,4cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DL,DO1 22 352

PREMIUMS & TOOLS Solar and dynamo lights items Solar pannel Gabia Lamp MO6340 Solar outdoor lantern with candle style LED light bulb. Hoop and clip on top. Approx. 5 working hours. Battery 300 mAh NI-MH included. IP44. Size9x12,7cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL,DO1 03 16 03 16 Dynasol KC7130 Robin MO8235 Ringal KC7014 Torch powered both by solar panel and dynamo. 2 LED ABS dynamo torch. 3 AG10 batteries included. Satin silver torch keyring with 2 white LED bulbs powered ABS casing with satin silver spray. Size9x4,9x3,3cm Size10x5x2,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing by solar panel. Size6,5x3,9x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad PrinttechniquePad Printing Printing 353

MORE THAN GIFTS 03 18 Led Plus KC6860 Combitool MO8559 9 LED aluminium torch. Delivered with 3xAAA batteries and Tool set with 9 LED aluminium torch and aluminium multi tool a detachable strap. Presented in tin box. SizeØ2,5x8,5cm in pen shape. Includes 3 slotted and 3 Phillips screwdriver heads. PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,S 3 AAA batteries excluded. Presented in box. Size14x8x3,9cm PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving,P,DL 14 14 14 03 Strech-Torch Set MO8873 Strech-Torch MO8621 Tool set with extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and Extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and magnet aluminium multi tool pen shape. Includes 4 slotted and 4 Philips on top and clip on side. 4 Batteries LR44 included. Maximum screwdriver heads. 4 batteries LR44 included. Presented in box. length 57 cm. SizeØ2,2x17cm PrinttechniqueLaser Size19,5x7,5x2,6cm PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving,S,P Engraving,P 354

PREMIUMS & TOOLS Keychain flashlights 10 04 14 Pop Light MO9381 14 05 37 03 14 05 03 Mini aluminium and ABS LED key ring. The logo can Sanlight MO9469 Arizo MO8622 be laser engraved and the light will illuminate the logo. 4 LR44 batteries included. SizeØ1,7x6,5cm LED bulb torch in ABS with keyring. 3 AG3 batteries Mini aluminium torch with 1 LED key ring. 4 batteries PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving included. The barrel includes a LED light to illuminate the LR44 included. Small and compact to fit on your engraved logo. SizeØ1,3x6,5cm PrinttechniqueLaser keyring. Perfect for walking your dog in the evening, Engraving and less struggle opening doors in the dark. To see or not to see, that is the question. SizeØ1,6x6,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 10 22 15 06 48 37 Ilumix IT3704 Litop MO8142 Gioia MO8940 Light bulb key ring with white LED light. 3 cell Metal LED torch key ring with bottle opener. 3 cell batteries included. Each in a gift box. Size9x3x2,9cm batteries included. SizeØ1,5x7cm PrinttechniquePad LED light and stylus key ring in thumbs up shape. PrinttechniquePad Printing Printing,L 3x AG3 batteries included. Size4x1,2x5,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL 355

MORE THAN GIFTS 16 17 14 Notouch MO6133 Handy MO8135 Wrenchy MO9186 Multifunctional 5-in-1 no touch keyring. Open doors, press Metal key ring with bottle opener. Size8,5x2,9x0,9cm Bottler opener in wrench shape and key ring. buttons of elevators, traffic lights, ATM`s and mobile devices PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size9,5x2x0,4cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L without touching them. Including a bottle opener, stylus and keyring. The easy way to prevent spreading germs. Size10x2,8x0,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 10 05 16 14 48 37 House Key MO8693 Trucky KC6300 37 06 03 Metal key ring with house detail on the bottom. Truck shaped metal key ring. Size10,5x2,8x0,4cm Size2,9x5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1,DL PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1 Imba MO8877 House shaped stainless steel and ABS plastic key ring. Size4,1x0,4x3,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 17 03 16 Sniper KC6486 Housy MO8461 Heim KC6589 Metal key ring in house shape. Size6,5x4,4x1cm House shaped metal key ring, shiny nickel finish. House shaped key ring, in brushed finish metal. PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size3,7x3x0,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size6,5x3,9x0,3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 356

PREMIUMS & TOOLS 17 14 16 Harrobs KC2126 Simplis KC2591 Car Key MO8692 Metal rectangular key ring. Size8x3,5x0,5cm Classic square keyring in zinc alloy. Size7x3,5x0,7cm Metal key ring with car detail on the bottom. PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1 PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size2,9x5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 05 05 16 Lovy Ring MO9210 Bonheur MO7155 Corazon MO8694 PU heart shape key ring. Size4,2x3,1x4,4cm Metal key ring in matt pearl finish in hollow heart Metal key ring with heart detail on the bottom. PrinttechniquePad Printing,TD,L shape decoration with polyester webbing holding the Size2,9x5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L metal ring. Individual gift box. Size5,5x2,5x0,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L 06 03 14 06 16 Globy KC6297 Roundy MO8462 Hydeparks KC2030 Metal key ring with globe decoration inside. Round shaped metal key ring, shiny nickel finish. Metal key ring in steering wheel shape. SizeØ4,3x0,8cm Size7x3,5x0,4cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1 SizeØ3,3x0,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L 357

MORE THAN GIFTS 09 15 05 09 37 15 03 09 37 15 03 05 04 03 Suora MO6508 Aukio MO6507 Tech IT3020 Rectangular RPET felt keyring. Size14x3x0,3cm RPET felt keyring. Size5x4x0,3cm Metal rectangular key ring with coloured polyester PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD webbing. Size9x3,5x0,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L 04 03 04 03 03 Columbus AR1589 Rectanglo KC6788 Genuine IT3019 Metal and PU leather key ring. Size9x3,1x0,6cm PU key ring with square metal plate. Size8,5x3,2x0,8cm Multi-rings keyring with PU leather strap. Size11x2x0,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L,B PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 358

PREMIUMS & TOOLS 13 37 Tapon MO9343 Boat MO6161 Wine cork key ring. SizeØ23,5x44MMcm Oval floating cork key ring with braided rope. PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size9x4x1,5cm PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving 37 03 40 40 40 Matikos MO9849 Poty Wood MO9774 Toty Wood MO9773 Rectangle shaped wooden key ring with zinc alloy parts. Rectangular shaped wooden key ring. Size4,5x3x0,7cm Round shaped wooden key ring. SizeØ4x0,7cm Size5x1,9x0,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL,L 40 40 40 Bendigo MO9961 Ballarat MO9948 Burnie MO9949 Rectangular shaped zinc alloy key ring with bamboo Round shaped zinc alloy key ring with bamboo House shaped zinc alloy key ring with bamboo front. front. Size8x3,2x0,4cm PrinttechniquePad front. SizeØ4x7,5x0,4cm PrinttechniquePad Size7x4x0,3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL,L Printing,DO1,DL,L Printing,DO1,DL,L 359

MORE THAN GIFTS 05 Key rings Cuore MO9208 with trolley tokens Heart shaped silicone key ring with plain metal token. Size45x4x42MMcm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L MO9208 MO9748 06 37 05 360 Tokenring MO9748 Metal keyring trolley euro token. With imitation enamel coating on the front side. Size Ø23,2x2,1 mm thickness. SizeØ2,3x8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 17 Euring IT3866 Round shaped metal key ring with trolley token. Size7x3,5x0,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L IT3866 17 MO9289 Flat Ring MO9289 Key ring in metal with token. SizeØ3,5x6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1

FULLY CUSTOMISED KEYRINGS & TOKENS PREMIUMS & TOOLS Token are standard available in € or GBP. Guaranteed daily exposure! All tokens are available in Euro and the latest 1£ shape. Delivery time from 2 weeks. 250 MOQ MK2001 MK4006 Nickel plated iron with soft enamel (recessed surface). Full colour aluminium sheet MK2003 Stainless steel (thickness 1.2mm) with epoxy. MK1001 MK4005 2D PVC with design on 1 side. Most popular token with recessed surface. 361

MORE THAN GIFTS 03 03 Magnetic metal ring included Adia MO6472 Flexi MO9130 Car 10W wireless charger with vent mount. Connect device Universal vent mount car phone holder. 360 degree place smartphone on it to begin charging. Blue light ON when rotation and with bilateral opening. Size7x7x3cm charging. Output: DC 9V/1.1A. Including additional magnetic PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL metal ring to support charging of other non-magnetic wireless chargeable phones. Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 12 and newer. Size9,6x6x7,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL 03 03 03 Magclip MO6101 Siliset MO9134 Lance MO8157 Magnetic air vent mount phone holder. SizeØ3,3x3,2cm Magnetic air vent mount holder. SizeØ4x5,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,L USB car charger in ABS with 2 hubs suitable for smartphones with blue light indicator. Size8x3,6x2,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing 362

PREMIUMS & TOOLS 40 Fresh Air MO6206 Refillable car air freshener with new car fragrance diffuser with essential oils. Glass container with beech wood lid. Capacity 5 ml. Size2,7x2,7x4,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL,L 03 16 Sombra Light MO8675 Ombra Pouch MO8941 Set of 2 car window shades made of polyester. Includes 2 suction cup holders. Foldable sun car visor in 170T polyester including pouch. Size147x69cm Perfect for both winter and summer to keep the weather at bay. This will keep your PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD car cool during the summer by reflecting the sunlight away, and will keep the frost off your windshield when placed on the outside by offering a layer of protection. 363 Size44x36cm PrinttechniqueSublimation

MORE THAN GIFTS 03 40 03 Snow&Ice MO9676 Scratchy MO6326 Hamlight MO8901 Snow brush in PET with soft finish hair on the tips Bamboo ice scraper with one soft rubber serrated Multi-tool with torch, safety hammer and cutter. with integrated ice scraper in ABS and foam grip and squeegee edge. Size12,4x10,8x0,6cm Includes 9 tool functions. ABS with rubberised handle. Size58x4x17cm PrinttechniquePad PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,L finish. 3 light settings with zoom function. 3 Printing,DO1,DL AAA batteries not included. SizeØ3,8x16cm PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving,P 06 05 06 04 03 Fincley KC1063 Warmix MO7780 Ice scraper and sweeper with handle. Size15,5x10x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL Plastic ice scraper with warm protective glove. Size23x17,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,T1,TD 06 03 04 04 Parkcard MO9514 Park & Scrap MO8945 Parking card in PVC. Size10x12x0,2cm Parking card with ice scraper in PS. Size15x11,5x0,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD 364

PREMIUMS & TOOLS > 147 Nazer MO6335 RPET felt travel organizer with 5 inner and 3 outer compartments. Size26x15x9cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 15 Nizer MO6334 RPET felt travel organizer with 2 inner and 4 outer compartments. Size34x17x18cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 15 03 03 Tidy Up Car MO9339 Organizer MO8880 03 Car organizer for the back of the seat with several Foldable car organizer in 600D polyester with mesh Rueda Tool MO8471 compartments in 420D polyester. Size44,5x51,5cm pocket on side. When not in use, you can fold this up for PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,S,TD,E compact storage. Also, this makes driving safer as it will 25 piece tool set in tyre shaped box including 1 extender, prevent items from possibly rolling under the drivers feet. 1 socket screwdriver, 1 nose plier, 5 sockets, 3 hex Size60x26x32cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,S,TD keys, 10 bits set, 2 precision screwdrivers and 1 tape. SizeØ16x5,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL 365

MORE THAN GIFTS MO8426 Nonsmoke MO8426 MO6386 MO8373 06 Smoke detector in plastic casing with red operating light. Includes 2 screws for easy fixing. One 9 Volt battery included. SizeØ10x3,4cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL Vatra MO6386 Fire blanket made of glass fibre presented in a PVC pouch. Blanket Size: 120x180 cm. Size120x180x0,4cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 05 Blake MO8373 Fire blanket made of glass fibre presented in a PVC pouch. Blanket Size: 95x100 cm. Size33x18cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 05 10 10 10 03 03 5Lights MO8678 Resq MO8470 Andre MO8225 5 LED with various light settings: steady, light only 3 in 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter and LED light HIPS 3 LED emergency car torch with magnet at the on top, revolving, blinking and flashing, on/off switch, made of ABS. 3 AG3 batteries included. Size13x7,5x2,8cm back. 4 AG3 batteries included. Size16x2,2x1,5cm with part rubberized transparent housing, magnet PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL,DO1 PrinttechniquePad Printing and foldable hooks on the bottom. Excluding 3x AAA batteries. SizeØ9,5x3,3cm PrinttechniqueLaser Engraving,DO1,DL 366

PREMIUMS & TOOLS > 123 Stripe MO8868 70 Drawstring bag in 190T polyester with reflective stripe. Size36x40cm 68 PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 03 71 Allvisible MO6445 Adjustable 360° high visibility reflective body belt with silver stripes. Size51x52cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,DL,DO1 10 08 Visible MO8062 Safety waistcoat made in 100% knitted polyester with Class 2 high visibility reflective tape. Stay safe and be seen with this essential item during crucial moments. Store at least 2 in your car in case of any accident so you are prepared for any situation. Size65x70cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,S,TD MO8062 08 MO7602 Mini Visible MO7602 Child high visibility vest with 2 horizontal reflective bands. 100% polyester. Size45x40cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,S,TD 367

KC8282 Reflective arm strap foldable with black velvet backing. Size32x3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing 08 14 10 Enrollo MO8282 PVC reflective arm strap foldable with white PVC on the back. For promotional use only. 32x3cm. Size30x3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing MO9529 70 71 Visible Me MO9529 Lycra sports armband with additional reflective feature for enhanced visibility. Size35x4,5cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 70 Visible Ring MO9199 Reflective PVC vest key chain. Size4,3x0,2x6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing MO9199

PREMIUMS & TOOLS FULLY CUSTOMISED REFLECTIVE ITEMS 250 Be seen! This range of reflective (custom shape) items are the ideal gifts to enhance MOQ the visibility of the wearer and that of your logo! For safety use? Choose for AGR reflective material which meets the CE EN13356 Directive. Delivery time from 3 weeks. SAFETY BAND ML4001 Reflective safety slap band (Norm EN 13356). Sizes: 23x3 cm | 32x3 cm | 40x3 cm. Promotional use ML4002 Promotional reflective slap band (not for safety use). Sizes: 23x3 cm | 32x3 cm | 40x3 cm. 369

MORE THAN GIFTS 06 03 Find Me MO9218 4.0 wireless anti-loss/ key finder device made in durable ABS material. Requires a free app (iSearching) available in both iOS and Android. Attach the device to your bag, keys or luggage and whenever your belongings are lost the device will help you to find them. The additional features available with this item are remote shutter/selfie button and phone finder function. 1 CR2032 battery included. Size5x3x1cm PrinttechniquePad Printing 03 06 06 03 04 06 04 Alarmy MO8742 Finder MO8648 Tedy MO7681 Mini personal alarm in ABS which activates when the pin Wireless anti-loss/ keyfinder device made in durable ABS material. Always clean up after your pet with this plastic container is pulled it is attached to a key ring. It also has 1 white Requires a free app available in both iOS and Android. Attach with hook. Includes 10 PE waste bags to pick up your LED light. 3 AG13 batteries included. Volume alarm:90-100 the device to your bag, keys or luggage and whenever your dog’s waste. SizeØ4,1x10cm PrinttechniquePad decibels. Size6x3,8x2,2cm PrinttechniquePad belongings are lost the device will help you to find them. The Printing,DL Printing additional features available with this item are remote shutter/ selfie button and phone finder function. 1 CR2032 battery included. 370 Range distance 35m outside/15m inside. Size3,8x3,8x0,7cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD

PREMIUMS & TOOLS Amir MO8281 Bike repair kit. 15 piece multitool with 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers including pouch with reflective trim. Size12x9x4,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,T1,TD 04 04 22 17 05 03 99 Repair MO6204 Ringring MO8539 Bylux MO8070 Bike repair kit with 1 wrench, 2 tyre levers, 1 glue, 2 valve caps, 2 valve tubes, 1 grater, 5 repair patches. Bicycle bell made of aluminium and ABS. SizeØ5,5x5cm Set of 2 red and white additional lights for bicycle and Presented in transparent box. Size12x9x2,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL outdoor use. Delivered in frosty white PP box. 2 button PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,DO1,DL,PD cells included. Size9x4x2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 MPSC03 06 05 250 06 03 06 05 03 Bypro MOQ Bypro Rpet MO9908 Bypro MO8071 Fully Customised MPSC01 Saddle cover for bicycle made in RPET with elastic Saddle cover for bicycle made in polyester with elastic Create your own style using your corporate colours rubber trimming. Sublimation print available on white rubber trimming. Sublimation print available on white and add a full colour design. Now also available in item only. Size23,5x26x7cm PrinttechniqueScreen item only. Size23x25x7cm PrinttechniqueScreen recycled-PET material (MPSC02) and with a reflective Printing,TS,T1,TD Printing,T1,TS fabric (MPSC03) or waterproof (MPSC04). Delivery time from 3 weeks. 371

MORE THAN GIFTS 03 14 03 Paul MO8241 Guillaume KC3525 Toolbox MO9568 Tool set presented in aluminium case containing 1 nose Foldable 25 pieces tool set including tweezers, 6 pc 24 piece small precision screwdriver repair tool kit plier, 1 cutting plier, 1 socket screwdriver, screwdriver set, extender, 4 pc socket set, flat-nose pliers, in ABS magnetic closure case, with push opening. 1 extender, 10 pieces bit set, 1 tweezers and 6 precision cutting pliers, and a 10pc bit set packed in a plastic box. Size6x16x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,PD screwdriver. Size18x13,5x3cm PrinttechniqueLaser Size15,5x10x4,9cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL Engraving,S,DO1,DL 03 14 40 Mc Practic MO9145 Mcgregor KC2104 Lucy Lux MO9934 Foldable multi-tool in stainless steel with stainless Steel multi-function pocket knife with an ABS surface. Stainless steel multi-function pocket knife with a bamboo steel pliers. 11 tool functions. Size10,5x2x1cm 13 functions. Size8,5x2,3x1,8cm PrinttechniquePad cover. 9 functions. Size9x2x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Printing,L Printing,L 04 03 04 03 03 03 04 Bierhammer MO8473 Aloquin Mini MO9144 Aloquin MO8914 Hammer and bottle opener made of carbon steel. Foldable multi-tool in stainless steel with stainless steel Foldable multi-tool knife in stainless steel. Includes Handle in TPR thermoplastic rubber. Size24x11x3cm pliers. 9 tool functions. 600D polyester pouch included. 9 tool functions in ABS including 600D polyester pouch. PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size7x3,3x1,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,T1,TD Size11x5x2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,T1,TD 372

PREMIUMS & TOOLS FULL SIZED TOOLKIT A compact toolkit or pocket- sized multi-tool are one of the most effective promotional items. A giveaway with plenty of practical uses that is always useful to have at hand for those unexpected DIY jobs. 40 40 40 Gallaway MO6496 Subete MO6473 Spiren MO6495 Tool set presented in a bamboo case containing Metal multi-function folding camping cutlery Spirit level in Bamboo with built in bottle- 3 screwdrivers, 10 bits in holder, 3 slotted sizes, set in wooden casing. 5 functions. Includes fork, opener. Size15x4,5x2cm PrinttechniquePad 3 Torx sizes and 1 adapter, 4 sockets , 1pc cutter, spoon, can opener, wine opener and knife. You Printing,L,S,DL,DO1 1 handle and 1 connector. Size19,5x11,8x3cm can separate the pieces in 2. Size11x3,7x3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DL,DO1,S PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DL,DO1 373

MORE THAN GIFTS 07 Practical and budget- friendly 03 07 03 Mia MO8238 David MO8237 5m ABS professional measuring tape in red case. 3m ABS professional measuring tape in silver case. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. Size6,5x6,5x3,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 Size7x5x3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 16 06 03 Melo MO8239 Watford KC1124 Colindales KC2182 2m ABS professional measuring tape in matt silver Flexible 1m steel ruler in square shape plastic 2 m measuring tape. Includes a memo pad, ball pen and case. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. with keyring. Size4x4x1cm PrinttechniquePad spirit level. Size8x6x3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing Size6x5,5x2,3cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL Printing,DO1,DL,PD 03 23 27 Toolie MO9057 Metrica KC6751 Alutool IT3874 Multi-tool pocket with 11 functions in stainless steel Measuring tape with carabiner. 1.78 metres long. Multi-tool holder and LED torch in ABS casing with with PU pouch. Size7x4,5x0,1cm PrinttechniquePad Size8,5x4,7x1cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 metallic finish. Includes 6 different interchangeable Printing,S,L screwdriver heads. 3 cell batteries included. Size10x3,2x1,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD 374

PREMIUMS & TOOLS 06 06 14 Meter MO9591 2 Meter MO9592 Bowie MO6343 Folding carpenters ruler 1 metre made of fiberglass. Folding carpenters ruler 2 metre made of fiberglass. Aluminium retractable knife with 8 carbon steel blades. Measuring stick in centimetre (cm). Size13x1,3x2,6cm Measuring stick in centimetre (cm). Size23x1,3x2,6cm Size15,5x4x2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DL,DO1 PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,PD PrinttechniquePad Printing,S,PD 16 03 06 05 03 40 05 03 04 Woodave MO8200 Highcut IT3011 Toolpen MO8679 Maderos MO8686 Wooden ruler pen. Blue ink. Retractable knife. Clear finish and Twist action spirit level pen in ABS with ruler, Wooden carpenters pencil with 14 cm ruler. Size18x0,9x0,9cm PrinttechniquePad coloured body. Size12,5x2,5x1,5cm stylus and phillips head and flat head screw Size17,5x1x0,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1,DL driver bits. Black ink. Size14,5x1,1x1,1cm Printing PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 375

MORE THAN GIFTS 06 06 05 06 Minerostress MO8685 Light MO7829 Lovy IT3459 Anti-stress in helmet shape. PU material. Anti-stress in light bulb shape. PU material. Anti-stress heart shape. PU material. Size7x6,5x5,5cm Size8x6,5x4,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing Size9,5x5,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,T1,TD PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 06 06 08 06 08 04 10 05 10 05 Cloudy MO7983 09 04 04 Anti-stress in cloud shape. PU material. Size8x2,5x5cm Descanso IT1332 Squarax MO7659 PrinttechniquePad Printing,TD,L Anti-stress ball. PU material. SizeØ6cm Anti-stress square shape. PU material. PrinttechniquePad Printing,TD,L Size4,5x4,5x4,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,T1,L,TD 06 06 33 Relicup KC2720 Madera MO8687 Goal KC2718 Anti-stress decision dice shape (Take a break, Anti-stress rugby ball. PU material. SizeØ6x9,5cm Anti-stress football shape. PU material. SizeØ6cm tomorrow, may be, yes, no). PU material. Size6x6x6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,T1,TD,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,T1,TD,L 376

99 PREMIUMS & TOOLS Beandy KC7103 Mints & candies Multicolour jelly beans in a glass container jar with selection metallic cover. 30 grams candy. Size5,5x5x3,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DO1,DL 04 05 05 06 04 16 03 06 05 16 03 06 05 Minto MO7232 Brise KC6642 Lovemint MO7234 10 gr sugar-free mints in plastic container and Easy tin with about 28 grams of mints. Size6x4,9x1,7cm 24 gr sweet heart shaped candies in heart shaped tin box. tin cover. Easy-press opening. SizeØ4,7x1,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,PD Size6,5x6x1,8cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD,L 06 06 22 06 05 Mintcard KC6637 Bermonds KC6636 Coramint MO7158 Credit card mint dispenser. 6 grams mint included. House mint dispenser. 6 grams mints included. Heart shaped polypropylene plastic mint box dispenser. Size7,5x4,8x0,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD Size7x6x0,7cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,PD Contains 12 grams of mint. Size7,5x4,8x0,6cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL,PD 377

MORE THAN GIFTS Is the feeling of freedom MO6425 › 382 MH2006 › 390 378

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES Apparel & Accessories SPREADING AWARENESS WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Spread awareness at any event or company outing with personalised lanyards, sunglasses, hats or beanies, in the style and colour of your choice. Combine it with a touch of humour and a lasting impression is guaranteed. MO6450 › 381 379

MORE THAN GIFTS Wanaka MO6454 Full bamboo sunglasses with coloured mirrored lenses presented in a bamboo case. UV400 protection. Size13,5x4x14,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,DL,DO1 40 380

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES 04 17 03 Rhodos MO6492 Sunglasses with black coated bamboo arms and all over mirrored lens. UV400 protection. Size14x4,5x15cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 04 04 17 03 Honiara MO6450 Sunglasses with bamboo arms and coloured mirrored lenses in microfibre pouch. UV400 protection. Size13x14x5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L,S,T1,TD 03 04 17 08 Aloha MO9863 Sunglasses with bamboo arms and all over mirrored lens. UV400 protection. Size14x14x4,5cm 04 PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 04 17 08 California Touch MO9617 Vintage sunglasses with bamboo arms and PC frame with coloured mirrored lenses. UV400 protection. 17 Size14x4,5x14cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 381

MORE THAN GIFTS 22 24 23 25 27 03 Macusa MO6531 24 Classic and stylish sunglasses in RPET frame with UV400 protection. Size14x4,5x13,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DL 06 38 10 05 08 22 09 05 48 04 03 10 04 03 15 America MO7455 America Touch MO8652 Nirson MO6425 Classic and stylish sunglasses with UV400 protection. Classic and stylish sunglasses with coloured mirrored RPET felt glasses case. Size9x18cm Size14x4,6x14cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 lenses and matching coloured arms and with UV400 PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD protection. Size14x4x14cm PrinttechniquePad Printing 40 03 06 Woodie MO9022 Paloma MO6231 Rpet Cloth MO9902 Classic sunglasses in PC with wooden look finish and Classic and stylish sunglasses with UV400 protection RPET cleaning cloth For cleaning a screen display, TV, mirrored lenses with UV400 protection. Size14,5x4,5x14cm and finished with cork arms. Size14x14x4,5cm game computer, tablet, mobile phone or glasses. 13 cm PrinttechniquePad Printing PrinttechniquePad Printing,L X 13 cm. Sublimation print available on white item only. Size13x13cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,TS,TD 382

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES Full colour allover Combine colours, matching lenses Add a logo on a lens Antibacterial SUNGLASSES FULLY CUSTOMISED 250 500 Having the frame or even the lenses printed is a unique way to sell your brand. MOQ MOQ Delivery time from 6 weeks. Optional full colour MPSG01 polyester pouch Fully customised sunglasses with optional antibacterial treatment (ISO 22196) 04 for the MPSG01. Create your favorite design with the numerous possibilities. Add your logo Paper packaging All over 01 02 03 On the lens Choose your Select your colours Choose your lens 383 material Up to 12 colours or PMS match UV400 Cat 3. Smoked. Mirrored Colours Plastic MPSG01 Smoked Bamboo MPSG02 Silver Gold Red Purple Green Blue Smoked Wheat straw/PP MPSG03 Mirrored Blue

MORE THAN GIFTS 06 03 Montevideo MO9844 Natural straw hat with polyester band. For unprinted orders band will be supplied unattached to the item. SizeØ27x12cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD 03 03 Bombai M MO6402 Bombai L MO6403 Beach slippers with cork and EVA sole and PVC straps. size M fits 36-39. Beach slippers with cork and EVA sole and PVC straps. Size L fits 40-43. Size10x27x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L Size10x27x1,5cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,L 384

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES 06 10 06 06 10 05 06 10 05 06 05 48 37 03 48 37 03 37 03 Boogie MO9341 Woogie MO9342 Bilgola KC1350 Paper straw hat with coloured polyester band. Coloured hat in polyester straw with white coloured Cotton sun hat. One size. SizeØ23x15cm For unprinted orders the band will be supplied band. For unprinted orders the band will be PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD unattached to the items. SizeØ27x12cm supplied unattached to the items. SizeØ27x11cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,T1,TD MO6238 Also available in size XL 48 03 03 06 10 05 38 48 04 07 03 03 03 Honolulu MO9082 Do Mel MO6137 Do Mel MO6136 Beach slippers in polyethylene sole with pvc strap. 2 sizes Sublimation beach slippers with PVC straps. Sole made Sublimation beach slippers with PVC straps. Sole of rubber with polyester top cloth. L fits 40-43. Item made of rubber with polyester top cloth. M fits 36-39. available, M fits 36-39 and L fits 40-43. Size27,5x1,3cm can only be ordered printed. Size33,5x27,5x1,2cm Item can only be ordered printed. Size33x27x1,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing PrinttechniquePad Printing,TS PrinttechniquePad Printing,TS 385

MORE THAN GIFTS A BRANDED CAP PRODUCED WITH AN ETHICAL FABRIC This wearable item has the perfect surface for displaying the logo on the front with a great closing strap to regulate the size to ensure a perfect fit for the user. Supplied in a natural and eco-friendly fibre having a soft texture and being adjustable is suitable for all. Choose an ethical fabric for your branding requirements. 13 07 Naima Cap MO6176 5 panel baseball cap in 100% hemp fabric 370 gr/m² with brass clips on adjustable strap closure. 5 stitched eyelets in matching colour. Size 7 1/4. Size21x16x11cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,E,T1,TD 09 04 03 07 386

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES 06 05 Natupro KC1464 09 04 07 03 6 panel baseball cap in brushed cotton with antique copper finish metal clips on adjustable strap closure. 6 stitched eyelets in matching colour. Size 7 1/4. Size26x18x14,5cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,E,T1,TD 387

MORE THAN GIFTS 06 07 388 05 37 04 03 05 Tekapo MO9643 6 panel baseball cap in brushed heavy cotton with adjustable metal buckle with tuck-in slit. Size 7 1/4. Size22x17x16cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,E,T1,TD 06 05 37 Dunedin MO9644 05 6 panel baseball cap in brushed heavy cotton with adjustable metal buckle with tuck-in slit. With coloured sandwich peak. Size 7 1/4. Size22x17x16cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,E,T1,TD

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES 06 71 05 72 68 12 04 03 71 Trucker Cap MO8594 5 panel truckers cap in polyester with adjustment plastic snap closure. White front panel and color visor in polyester jersey with foam backing. Other panels in color mesh. Size 7 1/4. Size24x20x12cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,TS,T1,E 06 10 05 48 09 12 37 04 07 03 Basie MO8834 48 6 panel baseball cap in cotton twill with adjustable closure. 6 Stitched eyelets in matching colour. Size 7 1/4. Size25x16x15cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,E,TD 06 10 05 48 09 12 37 04 07 03 Glop Cap KC1447 5 panel baseball cap in cotton twill with adjustable plastic snap closure. 2 metal eyelets with matching colour plating. Size 7 1/4. Size25x16x15cm 05 PrinttechniqueScreen Printing,E,T1,TD 389

MORE THAN GIFTS FULLY CUSTOMISED CAPS Let your imagination run free! Whether you prefer a hook and loop closure or an embossed metal buckle, a 3D embroidered logo or a woven label on the side of your favourite cap, the choice is yours! Delivery time from 5 weeks. 150 500 MOQ MOQ MH2002 MH2006 Brushed heavy cotton, the ultimate style. Structured 6 panel, Brushed heavy cotton with contrast stitching. Structured 6 panel, medium profile baseball cap. medium profile baseball cap. MH2001 MH2005 Fine textured Premium cotton. Structured 6 panel, Structured 6 panel, medium profile. Pre-curved visor with sandwich. medium profile baseball cap. 390

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES MH2312 MH2313 Cotton front with multi-colour visor and sport mesh back (6 panel). Heavy cotton front with single-colour visor and sport mesh back (6 panel). MH2201 MH2202 Classic trucker hat. 5 panel high profile, polyester front with mesh back. 6 panel high profile trucker hat. Polycotton front with mesh back. MH2309 MH2311 Structured 6 panel, medium profile. Made of 100% polyester diamond- Ripstop (100% polyester) fabric for golf and other sport events. patterned jacquard fabric, ideal for casual wear or sport attire. Structured 6 panel, medium profile cap. 391

MORE THAN GIFTS 05 04 03 03 04 Loopband MO6177 Daria MO8561 Lycra wristband with integrated zippered pocket. SizeØ8x10cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,TD Multifunctional trendy bandana made of microfiber. Size47x25cm PrinttechniqueTransfer Screen,TD,TS 03 33 04 33 03 03 34 Marco Rpet MO9964 33 34 03 Unisex knitted Beanie hat in soft stretchable RPET polyester. SizeØ20x21cm Polo Rpet MO9965 Tacto MO7947 PrinttechniqueDigital Transfer,E Unisex knitted Beanie hat in soft stretchable RPET Tactile gloves for smartphone in acrylic. The 3 tactile 392 extremities of the fingers are composed of 0.5% in polyester with rolled up cuff. SizeØ20x21cm stainless steel fibre, 89.5% in acrylic, 10% in spandex. PrinttechniqueDigital Transfer,E Size21x12x1cm PrinttechniqueDigital Transfer,E

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES FULLY CUSTOMISED MULTISEASONAL BEANIES 250 2500 Multiseasonal cotton beanie. Great for wearing when the temperature begins to drop. MOQ MOQ Delivery time from 5 weeks. MW5003 MW5001 Reflective print is a great option for custom beanies. Full colour double layer beanie 190 gsm, Cotton beanie 190 gsm, 95% cotton, 5% It enhances the visibility of 100% polyester 1 size fits most. Also elastane. Available in 3 sizes. the wearer and your logo. available with fleece lining: MW5004. 250 FULLY CUSTOMISED ACRYLIC BEANIES MOQ Choose 1 or mix 2 pantone colours to create your perfect double layer beanie. Delivery time from 6 weeks. MW1001 MW1002 393 Double layer beanie. 100% Acrylic. 1 size fits most. Double layer beanie. 100% Acrylic. 1 size fits most. Also available in RPET: MW1101. Also available in RPET: MW1102.

Fleece (180 gsm). 394 Add the optional antibacterial treatment (ISO 20743) to the polyester tube.

Sun Protection. Size ca. 25x11 cm. Sun Protection 395

MORE THAN GIFTS 06 08 38 06 08 37 03 10 05 10 05 38 48 04 21 09 12 Event MO8913 14 98 03 Wristband in silicone. SizeØ6x1cm Tyvek MO8942 PrinttechniqueRoundscreen,P,S One sheet of 10 event wristbands. DuPont ™ 05 Tyvek® 19 mm wide. Including unique numbering on each wristband. Size24,5x19cm PrinttechniqueScreen Printing 21 FULLY CUSTOMISED LAPEL PINS 250 Custom shape Keyrings & lapel pins are the ideal accessories to MOQ guarantee daily exposure of your brand. Delivery time from 2 weeks. Custom packaging option Custom packaging option MPIN01 MPIN04 Custom shape, soft enamel (recessed surface). Stainless steel with full colour epoxy 396

APPAREL & ACCESSORIES FULLY CUSTOMISED WRISTBANDS 100 100 Whether it’s for a cause, charity, fundraiser, or event - you can be sure MOQ MOQ we have the customization options you need to make perfect bracelets. Delivery time from 2 weeks. Antibacterial Antibacterial Rubber tube Rubber tube ML3011 ML3010 Adjustable 2-tone cord wristband with printable rubber tube. Adjustable 2-tone cord wristband with metal closure and printable rubber tube. Now also available with antibacterial treatment. Now also available with antibacterial treatment. ML3005 Antibacterial Pantone matched silicone wristband. Size: 200x12x2 mm | 180x12x2 mm. ML3004 Full colour polyester wristband with a single use security closure. Size 34x1.5 cm Also available in RPET (ML3104). Add the optional antibacterial treatment 397

MORE THAN GIFTS 16 16 16 Mirror MO9335 Pin MO9330 Small Pin MO9329 Compact Mirror with paper inlay. Ø5,8 cm. Pin button with paper inlay. Ø5,8 cm. Minimum Pin button with paper inlay. Ø4,4 cm. Minimum Minimum order quantity 25 pieces. For order quantity 25 pieces. For unprinted orders order quantity 25 pieces. For unprinted orders unprinted orders the item comes unassembled. the item comes unassembled. SizeØ6cm the item comes unassembled. SizeØ4,4cm SizeØ6cm PrinttechniqueButton Print PrinttechniqueButton Print PrinttechniqueButton Print 06 16 16 Pin Key MO9332 Pin Opener MO9331 Pin Flask MO9334 Key ring pin button with paper inlay. Fridge magnet pin button with bottle opener Key ring pin button and bottle opener with paper Ø4,4 cm. Minimum order quantity with paper inlay. Ø5,8 cm. Minimum order inlay. Ø5,8 cm. Minimum order quantity 25 pieces. 25 pieces. For unprinted orders the quantity 100 pieces. For unprinted orders For unprinted orders the item comes unassembled. item comes unassembled. SizeØ4,4cm the item comes unassembled. SizeØ6cm SizeØ6cm PrinttechniqueButton Print PrinttechniqueButton Print PrinttechniqueButton Print 04 22 22 26 27 Badgo MO8600 Badgy MO8599 Lades IT2386 22 Transparent badge. Size7,5x12,5cm Transparent badge. Size10x8cm Badge holder with metallic Clipbadge MO9642 PrinttechniquePad Printing,S PrinttechniquePad Printing,S clip. SizeØ3,2x0,8x4,2cm PrinttechniquePad Printing,DO1 PVC badge holder with metal clip. Size9,5x8cm Printtechnique Pad Printing,S 398


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