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The TAG tracking system for car theft prevention is the most effective anti-theft technology on the market. It's the only product that combines theft-prevention, vehicle tracking, and recovery. Additionally, we partner with insurance providers and law enforcement. Auto Thieves Actually Avoid TAG-tracked Vehicles

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An anti-theft RFID sticker refers to a tag or label that incorporates RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and is designed to help prevent theft or unauthorized removal of items. One popular application for an anti-theft RFID tag is in retail environments, where they are attached to merchandise to enhance security and deter shoplifting.

EAS Antitheft System Plastic Self Alarming Tag

Tag uses secure anti-jamming technology that can't be easily.


The Tag System is a unique theft-prevention and recovery system that uses a multi-layered approach to automotive theft-prevention. Our system implements preventative measures such as chemical etching and electronic identification to deter thieves, along with a trained vehicle tracking team should a theft occur.

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TAG vehicle tracking system is one of the most secure way to track your vehicle in cases of a theft and is recognized by insurance companies.

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The integration of anti-theft and product tracking devices into labels, tags and packaging is commonly known as 'Source Tagging' or 'Electronic Article Surveillance' ('EAS'). The two technologies commonly used for the manufacture of these tracking devices are Radio Frequency (also known as "RFID") and Acousto Magnetic (also.

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The Tag System carries a product and recovery warranty for the duration of your contract. Anti-Jamming Technology. Tag Tracking's unique anti-jamming technology is combined with a highly robust and secure communication protocol for maximum reliability. Reduced Theft Insurance Premium

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The wireless tracking system of TAG® allows any parts it is installed on to be trackable everywhere in North America. The support service by TAG® is available 24/7. RFID technology Radio frequency identification (RFID) devices are installed on your vehicle's parts to mark them as stolen property. This makes stolen parts a lot harder to sell.

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The Tag system uses a multi-level approach comprised of elements of prevention, electronic identification and proven vehicle tracking technology to help recover stolen vehicles and prevent theft. For over a decade, Tag has been a leader in stolen vehicle recovery across North America.

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2019 Tag Tracking Tackles the Ontario Market Canadian Auto Dealer 2023 Snowbirds Can Sleep Easy We track stolen vehicles all over North America No Fees. No Wires. No Problems. We'll Protect Your Car, RV, Boat and Heavy Machinery From Theft With Our 3-Step System Theft Prevention

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The Tag system is an electronic identification system to track your vehicle with its anti-theft tag technology. This is more efficient because a potential thief can't tamper with the system. The system will remain online even if thieves cut wires or antennae within the car. Most thieves are less likely to target your car because of the driver.

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TAG offers a comprehensive anti-theft solution that is highly effective in preventing theft and aiding in vehicle recovery. The system's advanced technology makes it nearly impossible for thieves to dismantle and disable the system, giving car owners peace-of-mind knowing that their vehicle is well protected.

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Anti-theft tracking devices are equipped with GPS technology, allowing you to locate your car in real-time if it's stolen. These devices increase the chances of recovery and help to discourage theft in the first place.

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Tag technology: A leader in vehicle recovery, the Tag system is a Canadian company that has come up with a wireless tracking device that a trained technician installs throughout your vehicle. The technology is more advanced than standard GPS tracker, and the signal in Tag devices cannot be tampered with.

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They're offering to fully reimburse the installation of anti-theft tracking sensors by a Canadian company called Tag Tracking along with first 5 years of monitoring fee ($399+tax value). According to TD, the insurance rates are about to go up for high-theft-risk models, so there's something to lose by not taking this offer.

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Aviva and Traders Insurance will give owners of some of the province's most-stolen models a $400 TAG tracker for free Lorraine Sommerfeld Published Feb 28, 2023 • Last updated Mar 01, 2023 • 1.