How to Use Magic Loop for Sleeves Cocoknits

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Knitting magic loop is easiest on circular needles with a really long (32" or 40") and flexible cable. The needle tip itself can be as long or short as you prefer it. You can use the technique for almost any tubular project. Only a super small diameter (~15 stitches or below) can be a bit tricky.

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#magicloopknitting #knitting #knitintheround In this video learn step by step how to start magic loop knitting in the round. This beginner guide has great st.

How to Use Magic Loop for Sleeves Cocoknits

Magic Loop Knitting Knit any circumference project! LET'S START KNITTING Learning how to do the magic loop technique makes it possible to use a single circular needle to knit a huge range of circumferences!

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How to knit magic loop Keywords: good to know, loop, magic loop, In this DROPS video we show how you can knit the magic loop technique. If a pattern requests both double pointed needles and circular needle in the same size, then you can use a circular needle and work with the magic loop technique.

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Learn the magic loop knitting technique, from cast-on to bind-off! In this video I show you how to get started when working magic loop, how to work the techn.

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Magic Loop is a knitting technique available for working in the round that gives you a second option other than the use of double pointed needles. Using 'longer-than-necessary for your given circumference' circular needles, you can knit projects even with very small circumferences, like socks, hats, cowls, sweater sleeves and so much more!.

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Magic Loop is a great alternative to using DPNs (double pointed needles) for doing small diameter circular knitting. It's ideal for knitting socks. Maybe knitters who have problems with ladders (loose stitches between needles) switch to the Magic Loop technique and never look back. Magic Loop Knitting uses one extra-large circular needle (32.

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Watch on. In this video I demonstrate how to get started using the magic loop technique to knit a small-circumference tube with a long circular needle. The needles used in my sample are Knitter's Pride Zing from an interchangeable set. My nail polish is by Gelish, color "Mauve Your Feet". Blog, Techniques, Tips & Tricks.

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Magic loop allows you to use a 32″ or 40″ circular instead of DPN's! A great pattern to learn or practice the magic loop technique is my Saturday Sleeves - a simple arm warmer design where you are literally just knitting every single round.

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Magic loop knitting is the clever technique of making a small circle while using a single pair of circular needles, which you can then go on to knit sleeves, socks and similar small projects. Knitting in the round means that you'll knit in one continuous piece and the magic loop will help with this!

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Made popular in 2002 by Bev Galeskas and Sarah Hauschka, the magic loop method enables you to work projects of small circumference on one long circular. With th

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How to Magic Loop Knitting: On a circular needle at least 32 inches long, cast on the required number of stitches (I've cast on 40 stitches). Slide the stitches onto the cable part of the needle. Hold the needle so that your working yarn (and tail) is to your right. Bend the left part of the needle toward you slightly (but don't put a crimp.

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Most of us find that we don't always have the correct size of circular needle, in the correct length, for every project. Knowing how to work magic loop will.

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Magic Loop is the name for knitting in the round using a single pair of circular knitting needles connected by a long cable, and the technique became popularized in the early 2000s.* Instead of using the once-traditional set of five double-pointed needles (DPNs) arranged in a circle to accommodate working in the round, a circular needle is used.

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812 Share 22K views 2 years ago Tutorials Learn to knit Magic Loop! Everything from how to cast on, set up your stitches, and join your work in the round with circular knitting needles..

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What Is The Magic Loop? Using the magic loop technique in your knitting is easy and will help you to create smaller items in the round. This can be done by using any cable length from 9 inches, 16 inches to 32 inches or more. You will need to know this method in order to make some of my knitting patterns including: The Irish Moss Stitch Hat Pattern