Tips & Tricks To Master Your Shoulder Mount Pole Move! PoleEllie

Tips to Get Your Shoulder Mount [Pole Dancing Trick] Pole Fit Freedom

The shoulder mount is an intermediate-advanced pole dancing trick. It is a method of inverting (going upside down) on the pole that calls for a lot of shoulder strength, which lifts your body off the ground, but also a lot of core strength, which is needed to lift and hold your legs up. Contents Want to become an amazing pole dancer?

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How to Shoulder Mount on The Pole Stand with your back against the pole with your spine to one side. Place your inside arm (arm closest to the pole) in a cup grip above your inside shoulder, about ear height. Place your outside arm in a cup grip above your inside arm just above head height.

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Shoulder Mount is an incredibly impressive intermediate pole dance move that is also a gateway to a wide-range of other moves and pole sequences! It involves an inverting motion, with your shoulder on the pole. It requires a substantial amount of training before being able to carry it out successfully and safely.

Tips & Tricks To Master Your Shoulder Mount Pole Move! PoleEllie

Shoulder mounts are one of the most basic ways to invert on the pole and enter tricks. It is also a strength building move on its own. To do a shoulder mount one must start by developing the muscles necessary to push and pull and lift into the air.

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Let's get our Shouldermount 💪🏼😊😁 In this video, Gianna will teach you how to practice your shoulder mount while explainin Super Fly Honey Super Fly Honey FLOORWORK COMBO FOR BEGINNERS ||.


When you have a strong shoulder mount, a whole new world of pole moves and combos are open to you! Here are three of my favourite tips to help you get your shoulder mount: 1. Keep Your Shoulder on The Pole! Sometimes you'll find that as you lift your legs, your shoulder will want to come off the pole too.

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Elizabeth Blanchard 34.3K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 481 18K views 4 years ago Shoulder Mount Tutorials How to do a Shoulder Mount flip or cartwheel. This dynamic pole move works on.

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Step 1: Stand against the pole and position your body in such a way where the pole is in between your shoulder blade and your spine. Step 2: Lean back, press your shoulder against the pole, and look upwards. As you get into this position, cup grip the pole.


Learn how to shoulder mount on the pole. Pole dance instructor Holly Munson gives us a lesson on how perform this strength move.

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The Shoulder Mount is an impressive intermediate trick that many students aspire to master. However, many students struggle with learning it. To address this, we have started a series featuring our coaches' favorite pole dance tips and tricks. Let's dive right into the shouldermount! To perform a shouldermount, you need a good amount of upper-body strength, as well as adequate core strength.

Tips to Get Your Shoulder Mount [Pole Dancing Trick] Pole Fit Freedom

Shoulder mounts are a unique beast in the world of pole. They require a movement that you probably won't have encountered until you begin learning them, with a new way of engaging your arms, lats, core and hip flexors - all at once. It's exhausting (but exciting) to even think about! So how do you nail your shoulder mount?

Tips to Get Your Shoulder Mount [Pole Dancing Trick] Pole Fit Freedom

SHOULDER MOUNT: STEP-BY-STEP Whether you love them or hate them, a good shoulder mount is a key move to have in your pole skill set :D They give you a.

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The Shoulder Mount is an important step in your pole dancing journey that unlocks a new set of movements and allows you to start putting your own spin on different entrances to inverted moves. While an excellent achievement, the shoulder mount requires a lot of core strength and muscle stability in the cup grip position, and should not be rushed into.

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The shoulder mount is one of my favourite pole moves. Once you've got your shoulder mount, it opens up a whole world of fun new pole dance moves and combos..

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Pole Moves, Tips How to Master Your Shoulder Mount by Holly Munson Shoulder Mount Pole Dance Tutorial Watch on Whether you love them or hate them, shoulder mount moves and tricks are really key moves on the pole. They give you a whole new angle to play with and lots of new moves to try.

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Pole Moves, Tips 12 Pole Moves from a Shoulder Mount by Holly Munson 12 Pole Dance Moves From a Shoulder Mount Watch on I love to train my Shoulder Mount! When I look back, I remember it being a move that took me a little while to get, but now it feels strong and has opened-up a world of cool moves and combos.